Officially in countdown mode

It’s almost 1:30 in the morning and here I am, typing this up. My work schedule has changed to evening shift, including Saturday. Now anyone who’s worked with me knows how much I loathe those hours. It ain’t that bad up here only because it’s a small town with few places to hang out. Almost all our kickbacks are at someone’s house. Occasionally we’ll do the pool/rec room but for the most part, we alternate hosting. I go to work tomorrow AFTER accompanying a young lady from the pre-maternal home as she gives birth!

It has taken me from mid January until today to finally get to operate as a doula, but in actuality, a companion. There isn’t a volunteer program where I work, so even though there aren’t any doulas as paid staff, I couldn’t volunteer through the hospital either. Insurance and liability reasons are what I thought a hindrance…until I made an executive decision to do it on my own time. I had done my Holistic Prenatal Care class just a few days before, and was in bed like “how on earth am I gonna make this happen if there’s no job for it?!” Then it hit me: Do it yourself. Sacrifice your own time and do it. You cannot wait for a job to be created when there’s already a need for it.”

So now I have a flyer posted at work offering my services to women who are going into labor. I am really amazed at myself. I know I can be hard on myself often and worry about what I could’ve done differently, but I feel like I did it right this time. I also am in contact with a few providers at the hospital who recognize my skills as a great addition to patient care.

I have exactly 9 weeks left here. I almost doesn’t feel like it’s been four months but it has! There are a bunch of other goals I have set for the rest of the year, the first being to pass my ASCP. This will be my 5th time taking this cotdamb exam and I just want to knock it out the park at this point! Next, I want to enjoy some beach and pool time. My sister Hope graduates the same week my contract ends, so I’ll be able to make it. I wouldn’t have missed it even if I was working. I’ll be in Anchorage next month visiting my cousin and her husband, and one of my Bethel Babes is going too. Houston will be my next trip after getting back home since the Bethel squad is spending Memorial Day Weekend together. I’m sooo pumped about that trip cuz I really love those folks! Meeting them was one of the best parts of this whole Alaska experience.

Another thing I enjoyed since being here is skipping town. LOL! I went to Seattle during Valentine’s weekend and had a wonderful time with the Mister. It had snowed earlier that week so it was trippy to see the heavy fog, the water, then snow along the sidewalks. We really found the Pike Market to be our favorite part, especially the guys tossing fish. We bought fruit from the produce stand and looked at all the booths. I got to visit Jade in Everett and we all had dinner. As he and I went to our separate gates, I was slightly relieved that I didn’t cry. It hasn’t been easy having to go longer than before without seeing him, but What’s app and messenger are keeping things solid.

That’s all for now. I have some huge things in progress right now that I’ll speak on when they happen. Just know that ya girl is manifesting greatness up here in the tundra.


4 thoughts on “Officially in countdown mode

  1. I love what you said: “Do it yourself. Sacrifice your own time and do it. You cannot wait for a job to be created when there’s already a need for it.” That so resonated with me. We often won’t do things, because there’s no official “job” for it. But we forget that we actually have the power to create it. And as you’ve experienced, people ARE WAITING FOR YOU to do just that. Great read!


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