Parting gifts 🎁

Three days before I left Alaska, this sweet faced baby girl entered the world. It was such an emotional birth for me because I’d known mom almost a month at that point. Yall know I cried my eyes out when she got here. By the way, Mom handmade the #qaspeq (shirt) and boots (mink furContinue reading “Parting gifts 🎁”

My first Bethel Baby!

(written 3/22/2019) I got off work near midnight last night, but decided to check if anyone was in active labor before I left. There was! So I went to introduce myself and see if she needed some support. Things were off to a slow start but progressed rapidly in the wee hours of the morning.Continue reading “My first Bethel Baby!”

Officially in countdown mode

It’s almost 1:30 in the morning and here I am, typing this up. My work schedule has changed to evening shift, including Saturday. Now anyone who’s worked with me knows how much I loathe those hours. It ain’t that bad up here only because it’s a small town with few places to hang out. AlmostContinue reading “Officially in countdown mode”

Black Maternal Health Week!

(Written Tuesday April 17th, 2018) If I could, I would bottle today and open it during a shitty one. • Early for work. Early off.💊💉🔬 • Great hair day. 💁🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️🌳☁️ • Happy hour solo date at Aloha (veggie pot stickers, fried salmon sushi, ginger ale) Today culminated the end of Black Maternal Health Week. IContinue reading “Black Maternal Health Week!”