Pre-end of 2019 recap

‪Happy holidays from me and my fam in South Carolina! We were all under one roof today. ‬ ‪Last Christmas, I was in Alaska, homesick AF. Hopefully, we can be on the beach next year. ‬I have so much to share in the next week, and well into the new year. I just wanted toContinue reading “Pre-end of 2019 recap”

Four weeks in..

I’ve been in Alaska almost a month now. Some days it feels like much longer than that. It has been both refreshing and stifling being up here. I’m starting to memorize faces, names, and people’s quirks. I now have two roommates, and thank you Muva Gawd we all get along. They work opposite shifts andContinue reading “Four weeks in..”

One of the worst days of my life!

Saturday morning I woke up to the horror of my face on an HIV story by the popular blog XO Necole. The survivor is a 50 yr old woman named Camille. Two people I know personally messaged me letting me know a picture from a photo shoot I did in 2015 was plastered on thatContinue reading “One of the worst days of my life!”