The audacity of love

There are actually a lot of people in this world who don’t believe they’ll ever be in love. Like ever. This is not the same as having loved and lost said love. There are humans on this fascinating planet who don’t think they’ll ever meet someone who will make their heart sing, someone who’d they’d go to the ends of the earth and back for.

And I’m over here like…HOW?! 🤯🧐🤔😳

I guess cuz when it comes to love, I’m an eternal optimist who makes no apologies or concessions when it comes to the infinite possibilities of love one can have.

Notice I didn’t say anything regarding marriage. Marriage AIN’T for everybody. I do believe there is truly someone for everyone, and while our life paths are filled with twists, turns, valleys, and peaks, I am fully convinced that we all have innumerable opportunities to share our hearts with someone else. It might be brief. It might be until one of you dies; either way, I think it can happen for everyone.

Sometimes writing these thoughts out makes me wonder if people think I live in a fairytale. I’m sure there are some who do, and to them I say “Being in love should be magical. It should be beautiful. It should make you wanna extend yourself. It should give you constant glimmers of hope. It should be something everyone here has the joy to experience.”

I know loving someone and being in love with them are two different things. I guess the meat of my statements could boil down to this: All of us serve unique purposes on earth, and I hope you find some one (or several people) along the way to share your heart with.


When a meme is your reality…

I saw this on ig and immediately swooned!! 😍 😍 🙌🏾 👏🏾 ✨ ⚡️ 🤤🤧If your partner could wear the words you say about them, what would it look like? Too often, we say things without considering the consequences or the impact they may have.A committed, exclusive romantic relationship can be a beautiful, fulfilling thing. What things do you say to your partner? How do you build each other up? How do you quiet their insecurities (cuz we all got em)? How do you maintain that spark that drew you to them in the first place?The things you say to your partner about them in their relation to you have a tremendous effect on your relationship itself. Of course you love them, you’re in love with them… But how do you verbally express those things?I do believe love is a verb, an action; but those actions gotta be backed up with words, expressions of said love.If this is something you’re having difficulties with, write down some things you’d like to hear about yourself, then try saying them to your partner. Write things that you notice about your partner that are particularly impressive or heart-warming. Make note of when you see these things being exhibited and say something immediately to your love.Does your girlfriend take extra care when making your favorite dish, cooking it just the way you like? Tell her you love the way she pays attention to detail. Does your husband always leave your slippers by the bathroom door when you’re getting in the shower? Tell him how sweet you think he is for thinking about your comfort.I’d love to hear y’all feedback on this and follow up stories if you wanna share.✨🤗💞

Tell me a love story 💞

If you’ve ever been in love, believe in love at first sight, are married, engaged, divorced, widowed, or dating…

Tell me your love stories! I’m putting them on my vlog, Bmore Beloved.

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All For Love… A series

This is the first of many love stories I will share with you all. While this blog will definitely contain my own thoughts and feelings, I feel that’s it’s important to share what others feel. You can participate in this if you like.

My request is simple: tell me your love story. It could be love at first sight, a thirty year marriage, a fledgling romance, or a fling overseas. You can remain anonymous, use your initials, or choose an alias.

The goal I have in mind is to help people connect with others through storytelling, learn how to express their feelings on love and romance, find inspiration from each other, and ultimately understand that love is something unique and intriguing to all of us.



“I don’t even know how to start this but, I found my better half this year on twitter. We both live in different states, so it’s been a tough transition from being single. They say when you know, you know. I feel in my heart that she’s the one. We’re a few years apart in age but she’s help me grow tremendously. I think I’ve done the same for her as well. I’ve got plans of making her my wife very soon.

Patience is an issue for me but you really can’t put a time limit on love. We’re almost a year strong, and everything started from me trying to be a supportive ear. We clicked after that message. She’s been hurt and so have I. Even still, I try to reassure her that she’s my world and I’ll do whatever I have to be in her orbit.”

– Norm