Returning as a changed woman

I haven’t posted on here in months. A lot has changed. Some great, some bittersweet. All of it necessary though.

I went to St. Thomas for Carnival and felt invigorated, only to return to a crumbling relationship; the end of which made me want to go right back on vacation. I immediately contacted the travel recruiters for medical technologists I used to be in touch with, updated my profile, and began looking up cities that I could call my next home.

My contract at work was up the following week, and my apartment lease was for the end of June. Everything was falling apart/ending , only to make me prepare to rebuild/restabilize…..

Well, my work contract got extended (twice!), I didn’t pass the ASCP exam (which I’m about to reschedule), and my sister Faith had her baby. So yeah moving away wasn’t in my best interests in the short time that I’d decided but it’s still on the table.

What makes me say that is my experience in New Orleans. I randomly decided to go while at work one day in late May. Something was calling me about that city, and I’d been wanting to go for years. Not just for Essence or Mardi Gras, but to experience the culture. I have several associates and friends who live there so I was quick to ask for recommendations. I booked a relatively cheap flight ($162!), and skipped my happy ass there from June 14-17.

A homegirl I went to Morgan with lives there and let me to crash at her place. I was ecstatic! But I also wanted alone time, so I booked an Airbnb for the remainder of my trip. Soooo much happened in the four days I was there; I’ll make a separate post just for that trip. But I can see myself living there… Like for real. I got my palm read in the French Market and babbyyy when I tell you I slid out of my chair at the accuracy of the messages! Thank you to Michelle, the palm reader. I also met someone my last night there. The way our paths crossed is something out of a romance movie but again, that’s for another post, another time. Just know that I’ve been beaming ever since!

Toward the end of June, I completed my doula training and am now a full circle birth worker! You can read more about my training here. I cried my eyes out when I got my certificate. It was such an emotional moment, and my sister Faith got to be part of my training, since we had a blessing way for her and my nephew Xavier.

I also went to Baltimore’s Carnival in July, and the guy I met in NOLA was there too (part of how we hit it off)! My friends and I played DC Mud Mas which was A LOT of fun. I definitely gotta do that again. And there were parties leading up to the parade as well. Since my mom discovered we’re Haitian on her dad’s side, I’m doing what I can to immerse myself in Caribbean culture.

On a sad note, my friend Ciera’s mom passed after a lengthy battle with cancer. She took NO shit from anyone and I love that about her. May she rest in power.

Finally, on a high note, my sister Faith had her baby August 1st at 5:02 pm. She labored for awhile and went without medicine as long as she could, but ended up getting a C-section because she wasn’t dilated enough. Xavier has the sweetest little face and I am so proud of my sister for her hard work!

Whewww that was a lot! I won’t stay away so long ever again. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more updates soon. 😘


All For Love… A Series

The Randomest Meet-up Ever

I had been widowed a little more than a year and a half, still grieving, still sorting out all kinds of painful emotions and just generally trying to live my life when one evening after work I decided to hit the “likka stow” and pick up some goods for myself and my then-roommate.   I pull into the parking lot of said establishment and while cruising the parking lot I dropped my iPod.  I stopped hard to pick it up and realize this HUGE cop inside the store is glaring at me, and  probably going to come out and give me a ticket for impeding traffic.  I slink into a space, hop out and go in the store.    I wind up getting more than I had planned on and the cashier boxes it up.  I go to pick up the box and leave the store and here is big Mr. Officer… in all his well over 6 foot, lightskinned, good haired glory.  He is SMILING, and he has offered to carry my box to the car, in a baritone that I’m sure earns side coin melting panties on a sex line.

We walk to my truck, he loads the box and then we struck up a conversation.  I’m SURE he is married… nope… I’m sure he’s a PLAYER.. NOPE…. He’s just this big burly adorable guy and we talked for like 40 minutes before we exchanged numbers.  We spent the night TEXTING and then met up for breakfast the next day (he conveniently lives less than five miles away).  Three days later we both decided together that we were in a WHOLE relationship, and we married three years later.

… Three years of marriage, a ton of growth on both our parts later and I still have zero regrets…

– T.J.

All For Love… A series

Well after trying to restore myself after a broken relationship, I found him! I wasn’t looking for him though. I really wanted to focus on myself but one hot Memorial Day at a cookout, there he was. He approached me and gave me his undivided attention. It started off with a simple handshake that grew into an amazing friendship. He told me how dope I was and how he enjoyed getting to know me . We talked everyday on the phone, traveled with each other, then made it official. We live together now; he loves my daughter and I have big love for his sons. I hope one day we will tie the knot and make it a couple of forevers!