Maintaining momentum

Doula services for Native Alaskan women

NAK Exchange Day!

(Written Sunday April 22, 2018) Bruuhhhh yesterday was SO DOPE!!! Mr. Huff’s Serene Self Portrait class was very euphoric, as we began with ten minutes of guided meditation. He usually guides meditation when it’s just the two of us so experiencing it with a group of people made me extra proud. I’ve never painted aContinue reading “NAK Exchange Day!”

Digital Electronical Social Sabbatical

Hello lovelies, It’s been awhile! My distance here was intentional and I’m excited to share that I’m officially on a social media hiatus. I don’t think blogging counts per se, since I’m using this primarily as a journaling tool, then as a public discussion platform. I’ve had Facebook since 2005… Wow. Thirteen years of pictures,Continue reading “Digital Electronical Social Sabbatical”

Meditation, grounding, and purpose

After an unexpectedly long day at work, followed by running errands, I got home and forced myself to cook. Thanks to the holiday season, I’ve eaten like a slovenly derelict all week. 😭😭😭Hella potlucks and indulgent desserts had my intestines cussing me out. I made a kale salad with red peppers, cauliflower, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,Continue reading “Meditation, grounding, and purpose”