One of the worst days of my life!

Saturday morning I woke up to the horror of my face on an HIV story by the popular blog XO Necole. The survivor is a 50 yr old woman named Camille. Two people I know personally messaged me letting me know a picture from a photo shoot I did in 2015 was plastered on thatContinue reading “One of the worst days of my life!”

Digital Electronical Social Sabbatical

Hello lovelies, It’s been awhile! My distance here was intentional and I’m excited to share that I’m officially on a social media hiatus. I don’t think blogging counts per se, since I’m using this primarily as a journaling tool, then as a public discussion platform. I’ve had Facebook since 2005… Wow. Thirteen years of pictures,Continue reading “Digital Electronical Social Sabbatical”