Pre-end of 2019 recap

‪Happy holidays from me and my fam in South Carolina! We were all under one roof today. ‬ ‪Last Christmas, I was in Alaska, homesick AF. Hopefully, we can be on the beach next year. ‬I have so much to share in the next week, and well into the new year. I just wanted toContinue reading “Pre-end of 2019 recap”

Parting gifts 🎁

Three days before I left Alaska, this sweet faced baby girl entered the world. It was such an emotional birth for me because I’d known mom almost a month at that point. Yall know I cried my eyes out when she got here. By the way, Mom handmade the #qaspeq (shirt) and boots (mink furContinue reading “Parting gifts 🎁”

Dental work and self love

Yesterday I braved my way to my dentist’s office; stomach in knots, worried about the needles, and most importantly, how hideous I’d look afterward. To my surprise, she got the anesthesia in without a hitch! Apparently there are two types used during the procedure; one has epinephrine (a stimulant), the other doesn’t. So she insertsContinue reading “Dental work and self love”